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Currently, there is an important progression in our healthcare paradigm from a purely symptom-condition based view to health towards a paradigm that is more reflective of the day to day reality of being a human being. Illness is not simply an isolated affliction that is separate from our daily lives. Illness is a system of communication and bio-feedback: when we are in states of stress (which are individual in themselves), when we are at odds with our lives, when we are neglecting our bodies, when we suppress difficult emotions- we become ill. In our modern times there is so much distraction and causes of stress that it has become alarmingly easy to develop chronic disease. Do we really believe that our illness is separate from our lives, nothing to do with our mental patterns, emotional distress and environment? I do not believe that and in my practice of medicine I have witnessed and experienced that when the problems the person is faced with are acknowledged and healed, true health is the result.

Holistic health care is a view to health that takes into account all aspects of the individuals life: environment, nutrition, emotional well being, psychological well being and physical states.

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